Saturday, October 15, 2011

Down ... Speechless ...

Hye people !

nak cakap apa ? nothing to say.

tomorrow i'll be back to my prison. yaa. prison OKEY.

too much pressure i think. 

struggle for final.
and i think lately i'm a little bit touching. don't know where this feeling come from. don't know why i'm become like this. tension because of study MAYBE ??  hurm.  :(

Sorry Buddies.
Sorry Everyone.

feel like a crazy person. 

sometimes i felt better, but sometimes i felt like wanna kick all peoples, all the things around me into the sea ! can i do like that ?? errr = ="  hehee.

just pray for me Okey for my final. ThankYouSoMuch.

may Allah bless on all of you.


#spread love !

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