Thursday, February 23, 2012

#Hijab and Fashion .

Hye people !

#nothing to do today . so , lets BLOGWALKING !! heuheuheuu :)

blogwalking dekat banyak blog , sampai ja dekat blog kesukaan hamba , blog Cik Epal , nampak la video nie .
first time tengok adek manis nie bagi pendapat pasal  "Hijab and Fashion" , yeahhh , seriously i'm respect you sweetie ! you're so brave to give your own opinion through this video . salute you :)

and aku sangat sangat lahh tertarik dengan semua opinion yang di bagi . yep ! agree with your statement my dear . a lot of her issues and opinions that attract me to listen and listen more . here are some opinion ...

"Hijab is how you control youself , in the way you talk , in the way you act , in the way you laugh , in the way you walk , or whatever "

"you see woman wearing the hijab , but their chest is exposing "

"you see woman wearing the hijab , but you can see her hair "

" its like , it takes away the spirit of hijab"

"are you wearing the hijab just to cover your hair ?"

"if you're Muslim , you should carry the image of Islam. "

"whatever you want to put something on , you have to put Islam first. "

"put Islam , before Fashion. "

"always reset your intention. "

jyeahhh , and I am so agree with you . yaa , wearing hijab because of ALLAH . not just a fashion . remember that .  #also reminder for myself .

so , thats all . next entry please . heuheuheuu ^_^

#she make me felt that "woww , you're awesome " like the way she talk . so brave :) thumbs up girl !

till then !
bye people !


much love , Adilla .

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